The intentions for this series is to present to you Harry's personal appreciation for the beauty of the human form and acceptance of death. Through tendentious, aesthetic and realistic theories Harry gives you his essence to art. These theories consist in the truthful, exact, presentation of reality but also considers what is important to mankind. Viewing these series as 'art for arts sake' or call it tendentious is down to the viewer, but these theories are played upon in this series, Harry has willingly walked into the dark 'cave' and stepped out with a metaphorical body to represent a greater importance it has to him.  

These prints were hand crafted in the darkroom using Silver Gelatin Paper. Each print was achieved using a 5x4 camera that produced flawless negatives which were then printed using high quality paper and a customized enlarger. 


Print Dimensions:

Silver Gelatin Prints | 42” x 60”

Tintype | 5" x 4"